Fruit of the Spirit

Welcome to our Fruit of the Spirit series. We invite you to explore with your children what it means to be filled with Holy Spirt and how to grow in the fruit of God’s Spirit in a fun and engaging way.

This printable pack helps your children learn and grow in God through worship, encounters, playing, reading and making. All with the aim to grow in their relationship with God and overflow with Holy Spirit.

This series was written in March 2020 when we couldn’t meet in groups, so is designed with individual households in mind and for Parents and Carers to enjoy with their children. It is therefore prepared for a mixed age range. However the activities could be adapted for use in groups or online.

Each of the ten sessions in this series is designed as a menu of Worship Ideas to help you engage with God's presence, Bible Stories to feast on His word, and fun Activities to explore and complement His truth.

In this way - sessions can be tailored to the ages and facilities unique to you.

Session 1: Being Filled is shown above as an example.

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